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In striving to become the best of the best you need guidance. In this case, I wanted to be the best in my profession, the Mesmer. Prior to using the guide, I was using my Mesmer inefficiently and with difficulties. For one the Mesmer profession is known to be one of the harder professions to use besides the Necromancer profession. Secondly the amount of parallel skills the Mesmer has undoubtedly confused me. Out of desperation, I turned toward looking for the perfect guide to help me master my Mesmer and improve my overall performance.

The Unofficial Guild Wars 2 ebook

My guild mates recommended a website called Killer Guides. On their website, they had the Guild Wars 2 leveling guide written by a player who previously played the original Mesmer in Guild Wars. Returning to write the leveling guide, the author included innovative strategies how to master the Mesmer profession. The guide is priced at $29.99 USD and is available to download instantly at KillerGuides’ member area in a PDF format after purchase.

First off, the skills in the book told me how to use my set skills effectively during combat. For example, in PvP what type of skill rotations I should be prepared with and how to use them accordingly. A nice touch to the guide is adding in sections on how to defeat other professions as well. Another section in the guide contains how the Mesmer can use these set of illusionary skills to create clones and phantasms to trick the monsters. Using these skills allows the real Mesmer (your character) to stay safe while your clones take the blunt of the damage. However, I think the best section highlighted in the guide is using the Mesmer and Necromancer professions combined! As pointed out in the leveling book, these two professions are dual-spell wielding combo! One doesn’t die easily (Necromancer) and the other one continuously spams with clones (Mesmer)! The pairing couldn’t be any better after I used their cross professions combos on the field with my buddy! It really, really helped!

Other than the strategy guide, I bought the Guild Wars 2 gold guide. It tells you how you can quickly make easy gold in a matter of thirty minutes or less. I think one of the best examples the guide suggests is doing and re-doing dailies. All I know is that once I followed these simple instructions, I saw a difference in how I earned gold; I was making more and more by the day. With that being said, I had an easy time purchasing armors and weapons. I’m still farming for gold as I type this review so you can bet your boots the currency manual is extremely useful!

Final verdict: KillerGuides does not disappoint! In fact, I would recommend these awesome guides for anybody who wishes to try their hands at Guild Wars 2. Right now you should take advantage of the bundle they’re selling as well. From a price of $89.97, you get three professionally written guides for $59.99 USD.

Guild Wars 2 Mesmer, Easy to Play but Difficult to Master

GW 2 Mesmer

Now, the developers have said in the interviews that there is a low barrier of entry to this class. Yet, a skillful player will have a high skill ceiling, so it’s easy to jump into but difficult to master. I’m not totally convinced how well that’s going to play out. I do think that it’s going to work better than in Guild Wars 1, but the fact that, I mean, just for example they’ve announced a couple skills like this: there’s one skill called leap and there’s one skill called illusionary leap and one of them, I forget which is which, but one of them allows your character to create a clone of themselves where they’re standing and then they jump and leap and attack the enemy, so they actually leap and the illusion stays behind.


The other one’s the opposite, where you create an illusion to leap and attack the enemy. In the hands of a skilled player, especially in a PVP match that’s going to be crazy. It’s like you never know “Did they just leap at me or is that the clone leaping at me?” You know, it’s going to be difficult to discern in the heat of battle. But, I can see a new player or a player never playing an MMO but looking at those two skills and going “What’s the point of that?” It’s those type of things that I think might lead to either having a lot of really bad Mesmers out there, like players that just really don’t understand how to play the class or it’s going to be a class that is just not played that often except for those that really want to get into the theory-crafting with the high level of skill or those who have good guild wars 2 guide. We’ll see how that plays out. I think that the class, the profession overall is, it looks really cool. I think it fills a niche in the profession arch types that is kind of missing. You know, you’ve got The Caster that can summon all these gross undead things and the Caster that is very typical throwing fire balls and all kinds of element damage and this one is more about tricking people and mind-bending and confusion, so it fills a really cool niche in the profession of Guild Wars I like that a lot. I also love that I’m looking through the weapon choices for The Mesmer.


“Not only can they use a sword in each hand if they want, but they can also use a big, honkin’ great sword and there’s other games that will allow a wizard or a liege to actually carry a sword around”


Not only can they use a sword in each hand if they want, but they can also use a big, honkin’ great sword and there’s other games that will allow a wizard or a liege to actually carry a sword around, but most of the time it’s just a stick. They have cast three stats on them and it’s just, they look cool, but it’s really to help them cast spells better. They never go in swinging it. But that’s what one of the great things about Guild Wars 2 is the fact that they allow The Mesmer to have a great sword like guild wars 2 warrior guide which means that the first five action abilities, the first five bars on, the first five buttons on their action bar are going to be filled with great sword type Mesmer mechanics. So, you’re going to be in there swinging this big honkin’ sword and it’s going to do all these kind of Mesmer type things, so it’s integrated into the class. It’s not just OK they can equip it but they never use it. They will have five abilities for the great sword. The same goes with the sword. So, I love the fact that it’s kind of like an arcane dualist type thing and it’s a little bit different than other professions that we’ve seen. So, overall I’m excited that The Mesmer made it in. Like I said, they would have been riots in the streets if the final profession was anything but The Mesmer because so many people have been looking forward to it and it has a place in a lot of the old timers hearts who have played the original Guild Wars, so I’m glad to see it finally announced. I can’t wait to see more information about it, and there’s lots of Guild War 2 guide out there if you want to find out even more.

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GW2 Mesmer Skills Guide

Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Combat


Now, Arena Net has released a trailer for The Mesmer where they go over a bunch of the different skills and what they look like, so let’s take a quick look at what some of that looks like. The first skill up for The Mesmer is called veil. This skill is to make friends become invisible from enemies for a brief moment. .. The next skill is called mirror image. It’s not only a defensive ability, it can also be used offensively. The Mesmer will create one invisible wall to catch up enemies and deal them some damages. This skill is opposite from guild wars 2 guardian guide “wards” creating an invisible wall to protect friends but enemies cannot enter the wall. Alright next up we have chaos storm. That was one of my favorite Mesmer spells or skills from the original Guild Wars. This one does a little bit differently. The Mesmer creates one purple storm, deals large amount of damage to the unlucky enemies caught inside the storm. Then the Mesmer just stands there watching them die. Don’t mess with The Mesmer.


Alright, next up we have mind rack. The Mesmer will summon some illusions. That will do some damage, and they can be detonated. It’s called a shatter skill. Alright, and last we have portal, which, if you’ve ever played the game By Valve you’ll know how this works.


There you have The Mesmer skills. Some of that stuff looked amazing. I think people are going to go crazy over that portal ability and create all kinds of situations. What are my thoughts about what has been announced about The Mesmer class? I think, once again, it’s going to be a very popular choice in PVP. It looks really annoying to face in PVP, to be honest, and in PVE guild wars 2 leveling too. You’ve got all these little illusions all over the place, jumping in your face doing things. You’ve got that portal spell like “Boop! I’m not here anymore” and for a very skilled player in a PVP situation The Mesmer looks tough to beat. It’s not very straightforward.

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Learn the Mesmer Mantra in Guild Wars 2 Guide

GW2 Mesmer Charr

Another interesting mechanic that Guild Wars 2 Mesmers have is mantra system. Now, the mantras are these long cast times, I think they said they were about three seconds to cast, but what happens is after you finish casting a mantra your action bar of the mantra changes to an insta-cast ability that’s fairly powerful. They do a variety of things. Some of them can heal you. Some of them can do burst damage, but the concept or the game mechanic here is if you’re out of combat you can cast your mantras in advance and suddenly you have these insta-cast skills available for the prime moment that you want to cast them. But if you’re trying to use these in combat, a three second cast time is kind of a long time to sit there and cast a spell, so there’s an opportunity cost there. It’s kind of neat. It’s like, do you have the opportunity to cast it beforehand? When do you use the insta-cast spell because you know it’s going to be really hard to get that back later on? That’s the concept of the mantra in guild wars 2 leveling guide. Then there’s also a condition that they went over that Mesmers are really good at applying to other enemies in the game. It’s called confusion. Now, if you confuse somebody, every time they go to activate a skill or a spell they actually take damage and this stacks and it gets more severe the more confused they are. This creates an interesting dynamic that the enemy, especially in a PVP situation, the enemy has a choice of “OK, I know it’s going to hurt me to attack them, but is it worth me doing that? Or do I need to kind of do a more defensive posture now until this confusion goes away?” So, yeah, it’s kind of like “You can attack me but it’s going to hurt you to do so.” I like the confusion de-buff. I think that’s going to add some cool game play choices there. Of course, if you cast that on an enemy mob they’re going to keep attacking and that’s going to keep hurting them. It’s kind of like the empathy skill in Guild Wars 1. You know, it’s like every time you do something to me it’s going to hurt you right back. So, that’s the confusion mechanic.

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Core Mechanics of the Guild Wars 2 Mesmer

“A lot of the game play revolves around them being able to summon these illusions and you don’t know which one of these is the real Mesmer”


One of the core mechanics of The Mesmer in Guild Wars 2 is their ability to summon illusions. These are kind of line minions but they’re not really permanent pet, like the Guild Wars 2 Ranger or Guild Wars 2 Necromancer. This is not a pet class, but they can create two different types of illusions. One of them are clones which look just like, they’re cloned, they look just like the caster and they have the same weapons, they have very basic behaviors, a low amount of health, and they don’t do very much damage. Then there are phantasms which are a bit more aggressive, can do more damage and they have different weapons and different skills associated with them. They’re a bit heartier. A lot of the game play revolves around them being able to summon these illusions and you don’t know which one of these is the real Mesmer. “You don’t know, ha ha, I’m going to go blow up these illusions in your face and bam!” All these kind of effects, and that’s another one of the core concepts of The Mesmer class is the ability to shatter these illusions and provide a variety of effects. Sometimes you can shatter them to deal damage. You can shatter them to stun the opponent. You can shatter them to heal your party members, so that’s another one of the mechanics as well.

Guild Wars 2 Mesmer

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Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Overview

GW 2 Mesmer

The final profession for Guild Wars 2 has finally been announced and it is The Mesmer. Yes, everyone has been expecting The Mesmer for a long time but now it’s official and we’ve got a lot of juicy tidbits of information to pour over so let’s get to it. Now, The Mesmer, the reason why a lot of people were expecting this to be the final profession is because it dates back to the original Guild Wars prophecies and it’s one of the iconic professions in the universe. It’s kind of, it’s not unique, but it’s definitely different than a lot of other class archer types that are out there. The Mesmer, for those of you who may not be familiar, is kind of a cast three type, they wear light armor, it’s one of the scholar professions in Guild Wars 2. They’re a caster but instead of throwing fire balls and shooting lightning balls out their butts like 4 attunement for the guild wars 2 elementalists, they deal with mind-bending powers, trickery, illusions, and all kinds of things like that. In Guild Wars 1 they actually got pigeon-holed into a very much support type role in Guild Wars 1. They are kind of complicated to kind of figure out everything they’re doing that revolves around interrupting spells, putting d-buffs on the opponent that crippled them in various ways, draining resources, and different things like that. They didn’t actually directly kill things most of the time, or the best builds weren’t about killing things.


Guild Wars 2 Male Mesmer

“Yay! We have a Mesmer on our PVP team”


They were about making it really hard for the opponent to kill you. That comes with, you know, some people love that and some people find that instantly confusing and are like “I want to kill stuff” so in Guild Wars 1 they were very much a support role. Now, on the PVP side of things they were very, very powerful. They want to strip the other players of being able to use their abilities, so it became the type of thing where you see, you have a Mesmer on your PVP team and you’re like “Yay! We have a Mesmer on our PVP team” and the opposite is true. If you join a match and all of a sudden you see a Mesmer on the other side you’re like “No! They have a Mesmer” so it creates this situation where they’re really, really loved or hated in PVP. Now, in PVE of course if you have a bunch of friends together and you’re playing The Mesmer it’s always great to have The Mesmer along. They’re going to make things a lot easier for you, but using The Mesmer in Guild Wars 1 to tackle some of the more challenging PVE content was about as much fun as stapling french toast to your face. And I’m not exactly sure why you would staple french toast to your face but it’s the same level of fun. Trust me. I played a Mesmer in Guild Wars 1. The good news is in Guild Wars 2 guides a whole bunch of interviews all over the place if you want information about The Mesmer. There’s tons of them. In fact, on the Arena Net website they have a round-up of all the links. You can go check that out. I’m pleased to announced that they have specifically stated that the Guild Wars 2 Mesmer will not be just pigeon-holed into a support role. Of course you can play a support role and you can build your character around that, but if you want to spec your character and use the weapons to just deal a massive amount of mind-bending damage you can possibly do, then you’re going to be able to roll with the best of the DPS-type specs in the game. So, that’s a great move for them to make. It can be as competitive dealing damage as other things and I think that that’s going to be a very successful design choice for them.

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Mesmer Profession Intro

Notoriously known to be one of the most difficult Guild Wars 2 class to play the Mesmer are not your ordinary class of heroes. If played well, the Mesmer can cause loads of mayhem to incoming hordes or enemies. With the use of misdirection and control-based abilities, they are a great addition to any Guild Wars 2 guide.


Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Abilities


Fast Casting (primary attribute)
Fast casting is the inherent effecting where the player can reduce casting time therefore granting Mesmer to unleash waves of spells with speed. During PvE combat, fast casting also allows the Mesmer to reload skills 3% fast than normal allowing them to not only cast fast but not have to wait very long to cast skill combinations. Learn more about the class, how it plays out and tips for leveling up and PvP here.

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